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Candle and Berries



Let's be honest.  Grief feels like someone took your heart out of your chest and stepped on it.  It feels like walking through quicksand with no way out. It is heartbreaking and it sucks. Unfortunately, grief can stay with you for days, months, years, or a lifetime.  Is grief manageable?  Yes it is.  Can you survive it?  Certainly.  Will it be one of the hardest things you do?  I'm sure it will be.  Grief is not only the loss of a loved one.  It is the loss of things. There are many things that cause grief such as divorce, loss of health, retirement, loss of employment, moving, and several others. Fortunately there are ways to deal with these difficult situations.

The good news is that with a little work, you will come out on the other side definitely different maybe even wiser.  My goal for you is to become hopeful through it all.  To be encouraged, inspired to become a better version of yourself and to be equipped with coping skills to manage your emotions.  Let me help you take that first step to feeling your heart with hope, curiosity, and wonder again.  I am a licensed therapist with experience working in mental health, hospice, and social services.  My speciality is grief, loss, and life transitions. I will be  honored to walk beside you on your journey.

  • Certified Grief Recovery Specialist ®

  • Licensed Clinical Therapist

  • Grief Counselor

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