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The Loss of My Sister

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

How do I move through this heartache?

My sister died on May 8th 2020 which happened to be 7 days after her birthday. She was 42 years old. I cannot describe the loss that I am feeling. I feel cheated. I feel like my heart is breaking. I want to avoid depression but I feel numb. She had two beautiful boys ages 9 and 11. She was the middle child of four. She could cook and could make a mean mac and cheese. She died before she could experience her 11th mother's day. May will be a sad month for me. I honored her on my social media page and here is the post:

To my beautiful sister who left this earth on May 8th. You fought for many years to stay with us but God wanted you home. Today on Mother's Day, I honor you. You were the epitome of love, grace and selflessness. Your greatest love was for your kids who you affectionately called Bam and Tiny. You have left your mark on this world. You always greeted people with a smile, a hug or a word of encouragement. No one will ever replace you in my heart. The ray of sunshine youleft on this earth will always shine brightly through me and the rest of your family. To everyone who loved her, thank you. To everyone who have expressed your condolences, we are grateful. To everyone who supported us through monetary gifts, food, cards, flowers, and uplifting words, we love you! Baby sis, I will not say goodbye to you but I will ask you to watch over us until we met again. Love Lisa

The tears will be forever present. My heart will always have a hole in it. Your smile will be in my memory, your laughter will be in my ears, and your name will be on my lips for infinity. From this day forward, I dedicate all my grief work to you. How will I get through this? I will do it with patience, time, and gentleness. I love you sis. Rest well.

My sister doing my hair for my wedding.

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